Monday, October 28, 2013

Why Choose Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate floors in Austin are not only nice to have, but they are also long lasting and easy to maintain. We all know the headache that comes with carpets, the vacuuming, and the consistent moping of tile. Laminates on the other hand are very easy to maintain. The only thing you have to remember is dust mop of vacuum. A swifter is the best thing to use. Simply apply the pad and push the swifter over the floors to pick up dust and particles when necessary. If you are insistent to use a mop, remember that only a damp mop with no excessive water. Blot up any kind of water spills or water from foot traffic when walking in from outdoors. You can do this with a sponge or a paper towel. It is not a good idea to let water or liquid forms stand still for a long time on top of a laminate floor. Do not use detergents that are soap based of any time of shining agents because these types of agents can accumulate on top of laminates over time and can cause issues. Laminate flooring cleaners are readily available at your local Home Depot or Lowe's. Stay way from using steel wool or any other type of scouring pads that can leave microscopic scratches on your floor. Never steam clean laminates or use any other type of unauthorized chemical agents not specified by the Manufacture of the laminate.

Stains can be handled by using order-less mineral spirits, acetone or even nail polish. Laminate flooring are stain resistant, but tar, oil, or foreign substances like asphalt or paint can still appear and be somewhat stubborn to remove. Just take a terry cloth and dab a little of mineral spirits and start rubbing out these nuisance's that can appear from time to time. Also remember to use pads underneath furniture like chairs and tables. Putting protective padding underneath furniture can help out tremendously in the long run. At times some one can be seated on a sofa or chair and can tend to want to scoot the chair or sofa. Although laminates are scratch resistant, they are not scratch proof. Taking precautions like protective padding or brush mats in your entry way of a home can help out in the long run.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What you need to know about wood flooring scratches.

Replacing a hardwood flooring plank

Its not always the best idea.

Hardwood flooring scratches are a pain. Especially when you have had a scratch visible to the eye like at an entry way or a hallway. The main thing you have to do is consider a couple of things before deciding on whether or not to replace a wood flooring plank. For if you did not realize replacing a wood plank may not be the best thing that you can do if its in the entry way. For one you have to think about whether your hardwoods have already aged and turned into a different color than the original plank. One of the most important thing to remember is that you must have a wood floor plank available in order for this to work. If you do have an original wood plank than great. If you do not have one, than replacing your plank in the entry way may be impossible. Even if you buy another box, it may not be the same shade or lot. So if its not the same lot, it may not fit properly. Replacing a wood flooring plank may not be the best idea in the world after all. If you want to replace a wood floor plank or have a hardwood flooring repair in Austin, TX call us for more information.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Wood flooring benefits

Hardwood flooring Benefits in Austin Texas

Wood flooring as an investment.

Most people may not realize it but wood flooring is one of the best investments when it comes to doing flooring in your home of place of business. Hardwood flooring in Austin can be beneficial in ways we never thought possible. For one there are only two types of flooring that you can get. 

1. The type of flooring that can raise the value of your home. 

2. The type of flooring that will not raise the value of your home.

The natural beauty of wood flooring will actually raise the value of your home. Other types of flooring like carpets, or vinyl flooring will not raise the value of any home. There is nothing like having a floor that requires hardly no maintenance and that will outlast any type of carpet or vinyl. 

The other benefits to an engineered hardwood flooring in Austin is that for allergy sufferers, you will get to rest from those seasonal allergies that so come back to haunt you every season. That is right, hardwood flooring is beneficial in the way that it will cut back on allergies because now you don't have any more dust like you use to have back when you had that nasty carpet that collects dust and other imperfections. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dark Wood Flooring

Dark Hardwood  Flooring

A luxurious and elegant accent to any dining room

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Updated Dark hardwood flooring in Austin Texas  are now being used more in modern condos and homes. They can make a house look unique if installed in the right setting. There are some draw backs and some benefits to dark wood floors
Some of the benefits is that some dark wood floors might contrast with furniture you may have in the home. Of coarse dark or almost black floors make the floor look lower. This affect makes the ceiling look higher or raised. If you have light colored walls and ceiling, than a dark wood floor might be a right choice for you. A dark hardwood with a white throw rug gives an accent to a room. Any white matted furniture for that matter. Antique white glazed cabinets with dark wood floors give a nice detail and say allot too.
Draw backs in the dark wood floors is that they are hard to clean. When any part of your floor gets direct sunlight you might really see the dust. If you have dogs or cats with white fur, this might be a bit of a problem. Dark wood floors also show foot prints. The bottom line is that if you plan to get the darker floors you might consider being more cautious about dust coming in from outside. A swiffer is a good idea even more so with darker woods.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Austin Texas Flooring

Austin Texas Flooring Company Update.

There is many ways to buy flooring in Austin Texas. One way to do it and save money is by cutting out he middle man. If you go thru big department stores, those prices are going to probably 40% higher than, our prices. Were also part of a big network of top notch installers so help and staff are always available 7 days a week 365 days of the year. Service is our priority, installation is what we specialize in. Give us a call 512-554-1693 or Click Here for more information of hardwood flooring installation services in Austin Texas.